Why is my gmail showing snow?

(I use “Tree” background which usually echoes (rather cleverly) the weather outside.  It’s not snowing. and as far as I know there’s no forecast of it. Stop it, Gmail!!

Sunny Intervals This is the weather symbol for Tuesday.  I have no idea what that yellow thing is.  SCARY!!  Eggses in the sky!

The super-teddypig has a very interesting post discussing some wanker’s opinion on Brokeback Mountain. Amazingly manages to be homophobic and chauvinistic in the same article!! (the wanker, not Teddy). As I said in my comment on the post, time and again I see the argument “this does not represent ‘the gay experience’” – because it doesn’t represent THEIR gay experience.  Well, Mr Man, I’ve news for you. No fiction represents my experience. How could it?  Every single person’s experience is different!  There are cases where people read books and go “OH my god, this was my LIFE!” but that’s pretty rare.  A while back someone else said “this is not my experience” (I believe the complainant lived in LA) and I simply pointed out that a guy from LA is going to have a completely difference experience than one in, say, Cardiff, or Oslo, or Melbourne… or even perhaps from the guy next door…

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