You know your head needs a rebore when…

You read this:

So here’s my response to Chuck’s post yesterday: Personally I wouldn’t favor the kind of fee structure he proposed. But I thought Chuck did a great job of thinking outside the box and proposing some options, and I liked the idea of putting it out there to stimulate some discussion. (Chuck’s not even an agent, so he had nothing to gain by advocating something new.)

And it’s not until you are half way through the next paragraph that you realise she’s not talking about the TV show… (I was thinking – “But Chuck IS an agent… what post did I miss about Chuck yesterday?”

Oh the SHAME.

I WROTE yesterday. Thank the lord. I can’t tell you how inept I feel when I see everyone around me having written 2k or the like. I’ve written next to nothing for weeks it seems. now I’m up to 17.5k and another 7k and I am done.  how I’m going to get it all into that word count is another matter, of course.



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