Sherlock Holmes – I loved it!!!!

ooooh – kay….. Watson has beautiful naked statues of men on his windowsills.  This obviously coded for the slashers, but I’m afraid in Victorian England he’d have been arrested for indecency! Specially with no curtains!

“Oh look, he’s killed the dog. Again!”  I love Gladstone! :)

Robert Downey Jnr sounds like Tom Baker.  I love it.

Holmes is jealous of Watson’s fiancée!  *beams *

Bitch off !  “Cost us the rent more than once!” e.g. he lives with me, woman!

hee!  the narrative in the bare knuckle fight could have been written for Tom Baker as Four.

Holmes is so in love with Watson, it’s almost painful.

Er… how on earth do you go into a sewer in the Houses of Parliament and come up on Tower Bridge??? It’s three miles!!

Brillliant.  Magic and steam punk aside, I didn’t even find RDJ’s Holmes inconceivable – he did imagethe disguises PERFECTLY – and entirely in keeping with canon—Holmes was a real master of disguise that Watson never recognised him. 

Loved it!  Really took the taste of Starburst and the One God or Die series out of my mouth.

In other news – "I DO TWO" is out today – apt – being Valentine’s Day.  An anthology to in support of marriage equality.  To help fight the fight against the bigots and all proceeds going to the Lambda Legal Fund.  100k words of short stories – and entirely inclusive of all love, all writers, all genders.

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