got it!

Well, Fleury Does America has a title, finally. Thanks Gehayi for the inspiration.  It’s “Blackguards!” (with the exclamation point)  I really love having a title before I start.  And it seems that there’s not a book with that title right now so hurrah!

(Although to be honest, there isn’t a title “Fleury Does America” either.)

The four stories for The Last Gasp anthology have been sent off to the publisher, and now I have to collate blurbs etc.  I don’t want to be all officially and announcing it too publicly yet, because we haven’t had contracts – I’m horribly silly about that.   I was all stern with the authors and said “No rhetorical questions in your blurbs please” because O.M.G. I hate those with a PASSION. “Will Guy Mason get his grabby hands into Louis’ drawers or will FATE CONSPIRE to prevent it?”



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