Much better and back to normal self today.

Thank you all for your kind wishes, messages, emails, silly (and nice) pictures (specially Lee, thank you!  :) )  This is what I love about the internet community that I have, I don’t think it’s sad or lonely of me to have internet friends, because although I may never meet any or most of you – I get a sense of friendship from you all when something goes wrong!  Just remind me never to 1. Eat Wall’s sausages again and specially not 2. those that you left out of the fridge overnight and THEN grilled.  Honestly. You’d think I’d know better. The quickest route to food poisoning I know, save heating a pork pie.

I watched an old film yesterday that bunnied me hugely.


Can’t really say more than that – and it will be a year or so before I even have the time to get started on it, but I made notes on the idea today.  it’s only an idea at the moment, and i’m only borrowing the concept of one scene.

Thanks to gehayi for this link.  No. “Mixing” is not allowable you MORON  We spell “mixing” like this. P.L.A.G.I.A.R.I.S.M. The number of times I see authors say this – and others who say “hey – Shakespeare did it, so why not?”   Well frankly because 1. There were no copyright laws when Shakespeare did it – and 2. He wrote Soap Opera for the masses. and 3.  BAH! Stealing other people’s plots and characters and TEXT is wrong.  God! I didn’t go to university and yet I understand that it’s just about the first thing that is taught there, but no-one needed to ever explain that taking even ideas from someone else is questionable!  When I was about 8 I did just that. I wrote a 20 page story that I ripped off from something I’d read – and you know what?  The teacher loved it and I got a lot of praise for it.  And I still carry the guilt of it TODAY. 

Yes! I have tropes in Standish which are easily recognisable from films and books from other Regency stories.  The duel in the early morning mist, the rake, the virgin, Bath blah blah blah – but Jeez – i invented the characters – however “familiar” they may be for the genre – they aren’t stolen from someone else.

I see JKR is being accused of it again too. Qu’elle Surprise.

 Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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