random sillinesses

My post this week over at Jessewave’s Blog:  Why I hate the green-eyed man.  Or the blue-eyed man.  Or the sneering, dark-haired latin philanthropist.  Do come over and tell me what you think – and read the comments too – definitely worth reading!

From Gay Gamer.  The gayest game ever:  Robot Unicorn Attack.  Unicorns: check. Rainbows: check:  Erasure Soundtrack: Check.   Wonderfully addictive.

Talking of games this is also brilliant.  DUCK: Think outside the flock.  Bizarre ducks using logic puzzles. i had to cheat for the lines of “turn the ducks around” I’m afraid.

I went out to the shops today and was hit by Ninja Snow. One second blazing sunshine – the next minute NINJA SNOWSTORM ATTACK!!!! then sunny again and innocent ninja face…. “what? me? La la la….”  I need a ninja snow icon, which is entirely impossible.

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