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Got a lot of reviews posted and scheduled for Speak Its Name (feels accomplished) Mostly good, some – all right, two dreadful.  I noticed that I was accused recently (once again) of only reviewing my friends well. This is a completely ludicrous accusation, to be frank.  I don’t review my friends well – but I seek out and I associate more readily with the people whose writing I like. Don’t we all?? Makes sense to me.  I’m hardly likely to seek out a writer I don’t like the style of am I? So when Alex Beecroft writes a crappy plot, Charlie Cochrane’s characterisation drops like a lead balloon, Lee Rowan’s adventures fail to excite me – then I’ll give my thoughts on that.  *looks for pigs in the sky *

Talking of reviews—I read a great book this week “It Takes Two” by Elliott Mackle which I’ll be waving my hands excitedly about on the 7th March.  It really is worth reading, and I encourage anyone who likes the genre to seek it out and read it. I can’t stop thinking about it.  He also has one of the best websites I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been watching “White Collar” which is brain-gum enjoyable. And the Caffrey actor is so pretty it’s hard to dislike anything he’s in.

Hilarious Beaker Youtube short.  I love how the Muppets are using Youtube as a medium. Beaker’s my favourite.

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  1. Charlie Cochrane says:

    I’m planning some baff characterisation, actually. It’s an Irish scrum-half who doesn’t cheat. *grunble grunble*

  2. Charlie Cochrane says:

    I’m also planning to take over the world with inappropriately used b’s and n’s.

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