Slick Nit Pick

I throw out a challenge to m/m writers: Have any of you written a book without the word “slick” in it?  (I’m just as guilty, but.. I’m so sick of slick. )

Note to self: If you have a lead character called Rudolph (he’s Hungarian) DON’T TALK ABOUT NOSES in the same sentence as his first name.


Can anyone help?  I had an online streaming radio station listed (not so much a radio station, more a site which (like Pandora) played music and then if you liked it you clicked to an Amazon link – what I liked about it is that it had like a flow chart to show where you were going next and you could not only choose the genre of music, but the speed, or the MOOD e.g. dark, optimistic etc – AND I’VE LOST THE BOOKMARK! argh!

Anyone? I know I’ve recommended to several people in the last year.

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