Spring noaw please?

Been to Dad’s – weather absolutely filthy.  Seems he’s happy enough without a dog, and I’m happy if he’s happy.   It was terribly sad at lunch – there was a man and his wife sitting at the next table and she was in a later stage of Alzheimer’s than Dad – he forgets details but she really didn’t know where she was, laughing softly to herself and kept trying to tell me how her husband was horrible to her.  It broke my heart.  Alzheimer’s is a foul disease, and the sufferer isn’t the one who suffers most.

In happier news – “Muffled Drum” is moving along—I’m actually inspired by this, and for the first time since Junction X I find myself speaking the scenes aloud when I’m in the car and am getting ideas for pertinent scenes, and slowly the story is gaining an outline.  I know that jigsaw puzzle doesn’t work for everyone but it definitely works for me – I may not know what is going on most of the time, but if i have various scenes in my head then I have somewhere to aim for.

Why doesn’t facebook have a “dislike” button. Or better still a “punch in the nose” button?  I don’t like being given a smile from God.

Early night tonight I think. Vitamin C overdose and then writing tomorrow or else.  Night all.

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