The Lambda short list is out – but not on the site yet – anyone got it?

Well, – according to the Arcadia Press site, anyway.  I assume I haven’t been shortlisted then, because they’d have told the publisher. Not that I was expecting it!

Blackguards!” is moving along, ok – early days yet, I know, but I did 1000 words yesterday which is more than I’ve managed for a while on anything.  Possibly because this isn’t so sparse and less “descriptive” and is just normal prose. Or as normal as my prose ever is. LOL Fleury still not cheered up but I live in hope.It seems rather horrible to have him shagging someone else quite so quickly.

Thought that I’d rejig Chiaroscuro and submit to Ellora’s Cave.  I know they say they are taking less m/m these days but it’s worth a punt. No guarantees they’ll want it of course. I’m fond of that little story and would like it to do better than it has. If I sold two copies a month at Aspen Mountain Press I was lucky.

Lucius has just flung himself into my arms.  He had about three mouthfuls of breakfast and then buggered off out.  Now, his stomach is full to bursting.  God knows where he’s been and what he’s eaten.  Here’s just hoping it was catfood. He smells of…. toast…!! So either I’m having a stroke or he’s just been in for breakfast to a neighbour. Cats. Grr.

I find Ryan’s Daughter more interesting every time I watch it.  I could never bear to watch it as a kid, found it incredibly boring, and when I got a little older I couldn’t stand the casual cruelty and violent dislike – but now I find it hugely fascinating, knowing more about the Irish.  I still don’t like the film for it’s sixties “look” and I can’t bear Sarah Miles in anything – but there are parts that are pure genius.  And Mills so deserved that Oscar.

I have a speckled egg. I’ve given up hope of ever getting any of the legend trio, a cheese, a dino, a gold, a silver, a paper, a vampire, a zombie… I’ll have just have to admit I’m only going to get commons.


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