The new novella is called “The Muffled Drum”

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Yes, I know I was writing “Blackguards!” about Fleury but it sort of ground to a halt and I need to think about it a lot more, and I was suddenly aware that it was nearly March and I had about 3k words to the year, I thought I’d better write SOMETHING. So it’s The Muffled Drum and starts at the battle of Battle of Jena-Auerstedt.  Unsurprisingly, if you’ve been following the blog for the last couple of day, it includes Hussars.

Gratutious Hussar.image


<<<This picture is from an earlier time, though – medieval Hussars actually went to battle wearing WINGS. Can you believe it?

This is more the kind of thing I’m doing, though.>>> HUSSAR!


For those who are interested – I got the title…

from this Napoleonic War Poem by John Mayne from 1805.

If war poetry is your thing, this is a great resource – poems from 1793-1815.

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