Adding Value

Charlie Cochrane has posted a very interesting Blog Post on The Macaronis about “People who Add Value to a Project.”

Or Not…

I have to say, that it might be because The Last Gasp was for novellas rather than short stories, but I was a lot luckier in this regard and all the contributions I got, even the ones I rejected, were excellent and none of the authors thought that the rules didn’t apply to them.  I do get a lot of that kind of thing with the Erotic Authors Membership though, I have to say!  Things like: “you must be published to join” but then I get “I’m not published but you can read my free fiction at…” and then there’s “Please supply links to your work.” and I get “You can find all you need on my webpage including my contact details.”  Then these same people are positively shocked when they are rejected.  I wonder if they are as partisan with publishers and agents, and whether they are still as shocked when they get rejected there.

The “rules” are there for reasons—not to piss you off, but simply to make the editors and agents less cranky and to save their eyes. It’s also to encourage writers to be professional—and it staggers me when authors simply aren’t.  I wasn’t involved in the “I DO” anthology this year (simply because I felt my head would explode if I took on another project) but the first year we had a couple of people whose sense of entitlement was startling.  I’ve never once replied to a rejection (I think actually I once did – to Clarkesworld – because a critique rejection from Nick is as good as an acceptance, and that was just to thank him for taking the time) but the number of authors who go “why? why? WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY STORY???? HMMMMMM????” amazes me.

Today I managed to get my word count done, and there is travel with over-fresh horses and a sulking hussar. I’ve been doing a bit of research too (or a bit MORE) and I think the regiment I’ve picked on (5th Brandenburg overseen by Generalleutenant von Tumpling) is an INFANTARY regiment. I know that 99 percent of my readers won’t know or notice, but if a history buff gets hold of it… So I need to find a hussar regiment in the battle of Gitschin.. or perhaps move the whole thing to the battle of Dresden. That might be easier. ho hum. What larks, Pip!

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