Happy St Patrick’s Day

When I lived in Ireland it always amused me how St Patrick’s Day happened in the middle of Lent. Where I lived (deep in the Midlands in a tiny-blink-and-you’ll-miss-it village called Dromod) most people gave up drinking for Lent, and the pubs were next to empty. Yes, pubs. Plural. Two shops, one hotel, four pubs. So St Patrick’s Day was a welcome respite!

I’ve read two “my favourite books” threads in the last couple of days and find it amusing that people list one or more of their own.  It’s the English in me, perhaps—but I’d rather die than do that.  Just having an interview is enough publicity, without pimping ones stuff too!

Spring is here. At bloody last. It’s warm enough to have the window open—which is lovely. Cats prefer to use the window, for some odd reason. Still no daffs.

“Heavy Rain” is a wonderful game. Not for ye gun-toting players, it’s slow, interactive – a mixture of a point and click and an interactive movie. It’s a bit harrowing too, dealing with a serial killer of young boys aged around 11. I also picked up a copy of Tomb Raider Anniversary for £2 – which makes me laugh. I never managed to finish the original version—got to the last level but couldn’t kill the final boss, so I very much doubt I’ll do much better with this revamped super swish version.  I have very fond memories of Tomb Raider One: I think it was just about the very first playstation game I ever bought, and I literally screamed my head off when the T-Rex rumbled into sight. (But then again, I’m a bit of a game screamer, I screamed yesterday when I was sneaking through a meat warehouse and the suspect jumped out at me, and I KNEW that was going to happen…)(hopeless)

Check meta writer in about an hour, as we are running a “Query Letter Clinic” there today – planning on making it a regular event if it proves popular.  Five brave souls have sent me their query letters (to agents or publishers) and the members of the community are invited to critique it.  So do join the party – but play nice. I’ll be moderating very firmly. Critique=good, Flaming and arguments will get you banned.

I’m a bit disappointed there aren’t St Paddy’s Day Dragons.  Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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