I Need. More. Humour

 Tangled Web front

So I’m reading Tangled Web by Lee Rowan.

As I’ve said before on this blog, I’ve been accused in more than one place of showing favouritism to “my friends” when it comes to reviews (which isn’t true, as I’ve said before, I just am a suck-up who makes friends with good writers) – and when it came to reviewing this book (seeing as how it’s the same publisher as Transgressions TOO) I resisted reviewing it and gave it to someone else to do. 

And I didn’t get around to reading it till this week.

Granted I haven’t finished it yet, so expect a fuller review in time, but OMG – if you enjoy Georgette Heyer but get irritated over her over-use of slang then you are going to LOVE THIS so go and BUY IT.  It’s edge of the seaty, funny, touching, sweet, the characterisation is terrific and you’ll be rooting for the relationship throughout. Bloody excellent so far.

How can I not be friends with someone so nice and so very talented? 

It makes me want to put a bit more humour in my books, though. The last few books since Hard & Fast have been so very serious with hardly a light moment to be seen, Junction X is dark, Mere Mortals is gothic, Tributary is not exactly a laugh a minute and Happy Horny Hussars (AKA Muffled Drum) won’t have ‘em rolling in the aisles. Hopefully Fleury will bring a little levity to my writing this year…

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