thoughts on first day at Dad’s

Argh! This is no good – I thought “NOT HAVING THE INTERWEBS” would be good for me, as it would cease to be a distraction and I could simply get on with writing, but .. no. Short sightedly I had entirely forgotten RESEARCH. It’s possible to put “they decided to visit XXXXXXX theatre” and to fill in the gaps later, but if i want to know something really specific it’s going to either make me grind to a halt – OR – write in patches.

I know i can do this, but the narrative is flowing right now, and I didn’t want to jump forward.

Plus – i should have emailed the whole manuscript to myself and not just the chapter i’m working on, because i need to check something in the timeline and i can’t. I can’t even email a friend to ask them to check.

HOW DO PEOPLE COPE WITHOUT THE INTERNET?  So, if I’m going to be here on a daily 9-5 basis, one thing is clear, Papa needs an internet connection, even if it’s only dial up.

That ranty grump aside, though – i’ve just written more in an morning than i did over the entire weekend, so this could be VERY good for me. I may find myself writing more than a book a year at this rate.  Just did 1057 words – so, hurrah!a

Muffled Drum defintiely wants to be a novel, though. It was planned as a novella, but it simply isn’t going to stick to that, I think, plot points keep jumping in, new characters introduce themselves, now I have a complication waiting for Rudolph in Berlin (as well as his wife and kids, snarf snarf) which will be fun to play with.

What I like about m/m – is that we can play with the tropes so much, and that many things that would be unwelcome in the main bulk of m/f fiction are almost de rigeur in m/m simply because of the genre itself.

OK – time to make scrambled eggses on toast and a fruit salad, then a cuppa tea, then some washing and an afternoon filum. It’s hard graft this Caring lark…

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