Writing Meme day 26

Do you draw your characters? No. I am to drawing as pigeons are to quantum mathematics.


Do others draw them? As far as I know I only have one bit of fanart for any of my original characters, and that’s Chris Smith’s Comic of Standish.  It warms my heart to think that perhaps somewhere, someone has drawn the sex scene between Rafe and Ambrose that I never wrote. However, PD Publishing have given me (and the illustrator who offered)(more details as I can release them) permission to go ahead with creating the first chapter for Standish the Graphic Novel so watch this space!  I’m over excited about this, it makes me feel like George R R Martin (without the talent and without the 8 billion word saga)

Pick one of your OCs and post your favourite picture of him!

I hate to sound pathetic, but I don’t usually have a set image of my characters. And the more characters I write about, the less I have a fixed image. It’s one of the reasons I dislike having actual faces on my covers. I want to leave it the reader as to how they look. Time and time again I hear readers saying “oh that character doesn’t look anything like how I saw him.” and I’m the same – Harry Potter for example, didn’t look in my head, anything like the cover illustrations (or Radcliffe). I describe my characters, and they take shape and colouration—maybe the shape of their eyes, or their build is constructed, but they are kind of nebulous. If I met "Rafe" in the street, I’d know him immediately but I have no actor in mind "that he looks like" because he looks completely like himself.

Why don’t YOU share pictures of what YOU think my characters look like?

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