Book Utopia Mom’s Review of Last Gasp

What I love and respect about Book Utopia Mom’s reviews is that they are long, detailed and very balanced. If she doesn’t like something, she says exactly why—without having to resort to aren’t I clever and witty tactics—or flaming the author concerned.

She admits that there were things that she didn’t like with Last Gasp, and there was something she didn’t like in three out of four of the stories, but she appreciated the readability, the historical aspects and all-in-all, what the anthology set out to achieve. Which is pretty happy making for me, I have to say. She marked it as 39/50 which is high enough to please anyone, I’d say.  She also said that what she didn’t like in Tributary was the remote feel:

I found myself distanced from it emotionally. Both Guy and Louis left me cold, Guy especially. For me, his insouciance, the lack of focus that personifies both the time period and how he’s drifting along, translated into a sense of stagnation that sucked away any kinesis he might have had as a character.

But yes, that was deliberate. It’s 1936, and as the blurb says, “disaffected youth waits in the space between a war that destroyed a generation and a war that they know is inevitable.” (or some such) His very sang froid is … English.

BUT! she also said:

its single greatest strength rests in its attention to detail, the careful construction of 1936 Europe and the people struggling to find a place in it. It’s also one of the most readable of the collection, paced well and flowing smoothly.

Thank you Book Utopia Mom!

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