Take Heart!

It just goes to show that even a well-known name in gay fiction can have a pretty naff blurb.

A teenager from the Midwest goes to New York to live temporarily with his uncle and aunt, both high-powered advertising executives. He in no way envisions the major theater career that will be his later. Nor do the people he meets—particularly the Army veteran who has just returned from military service to the exclusive community north of New York where the teenager finds himself. Surrounded by the rich and famous, being pursued by an older man, all adds up to a world in which the boy never expected to live, and gives him the impetus to pursue his life as an actor-singer-dancer. From the New York stage to major league work at the top of the heap in Las Vegas, he still never forgets the Army veteran he knew in the years past. And he finally decides he must find him.

Ouch. Just. Ouch.

© Copyright 2010 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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