PLEASE. If you are doing a meme, don’t ASSUME that everyone has seen the shows you have. And if you are writing about a DEAD CHARACTER in that show, fucking put it under a bloody cut! Surely this isn’t rocket science? Yes, Lost and Sue-pernatural and Heroes and Buffy and Babylon 5 and many many others – there’s a lot of people doing this meme – have all been around for AGES, but it doesn’t bloody mean that everyone’s seen them! I was going to start watching Lost again, because UK TV gave up at series 2, but now I’ve just been completely spoiled as to dead characters I am rather put off.

You aren’t newbies, guys, I shouldn’t have to be saying this. ARGH.

In writing news (and only spoilerific in that it shows what an idiot I am) my character’s father has changed names three times. That’s pretty special.  And no, sadly, not because I can’t decide what to call him—because I didn’t remember WHAT he was called, so he’s gone from Douglas to Gabriel to Donald in the space of one chapter. The mother has changed from Gertie to Maggie for the same reasons.

You remember that promise I made about “the next book I was really really going to keep control of this stuff.” Yeah, still not doing that.

Dear Author has a discussion about Gay Historicals and accuracy. It’s a really great discussion with some really positive comments. Of course there is one, perhaps two who say “I don’t care if potatoes were around in cavemen times, I just want hawt sex” but they are being politely ignored.

And today, SF has followed it up with interviews from many of the gay historical authors, there’s an edited version of the interviews on the site, and the full versions are included for download.

Enjoy! It’s good to see that most people seem to be on the same wavelength

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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