Dongle! It’s a Woluf!

I have ordered a Dongle from British Telecom. Something they don’t advertise, as is always the way when they think they can get you to order two lots of Broadband in two different houses (which I very nearly did) but something they offer for £40 on off payment to existing customers! Considering that other wifi dongles are from £15 a month, it will soon pay for itself. It’s like the Sky Digi Box which you can buy free and clear for £100, they don’t advertise that either. Not an expense I can afford, but necessary, I simply can’t go on without being able to research when and if I need it. Muffled Drum is full of CHECK THIS and ETYMOLOGY? and PRUSSIAN NAME? and HOW LONG FROM DRES TO BERLIN BY TRAIN and a hundred other notations. Yes, I know it will also help my procrastination, but I do that ANYWAY, constantly trying to get a wifi hotspot.

I watched the new “The Wolfman” last night, and have to say I really really enjoyed it. I can see many reasons why other people didn’t – as far as can see it went straight to DVD over here, and I was looking forward to seeing it at the cinema – it’s slow paced, hugely beautifully gothic, and follows the basic Hammer Horror premise with Lon Chaney Jr which I always LOVED LOVED LOVED. Lawrence Talbot, the tortured “I’m a monster” character full of guilt which has been copied by just about every werewolf writer (JKR I’m looking at YOU) since. I loved the Talbot character, he had just the right amount of silence and angst and quiet understated movement. I also loved the way they stuck to a Wolf Man with the same dodgy doggy face people as in the original films. Whoever made it obviously was as big a fan as me. :D Hopkins was great and Weaver wasn’t bad either. Of course there was The Obligatory Flossie™ who was pointless and entirely irritating, and yay – lined up for a sequel, which I don’t suppose will ever get made.

Muffled Drum is nearly done. (boom boom) If I can stop them shouting at each other that is.

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