Hurrah Hurrah – Mere Mortals News!

OK – I can shout about it now!  I’ve had the contract, and signed and returned, for MERE MORTALS! 

The lovely, shiny Lethe Press snapped it up earlier this year, and I had the contract this morning which has been duly signed, scanned, emailed, and stuffed into an envelope ready to moulder on my mantlepiece for months. (Only kidding, Lethe)

I’ve been told it will be out “Early 2010” so watch this space.  Now I have to think about WORKING ON IT again. Argh.  I don’t even have a blurb.

It’s a full-sized novel by the way.

But here’s a rough blurb, until I do a proper one:

In Victorian England, life is cheap, and young men with no prospects or protection can vanish off the map without anyone even noticing.

The orphaned Crispin Thorne has been made ward of court to Philip Smallwood, a man he’s never met, whose home is the mysterious “Bittern’s Reach” in the depths of the Norfolk Broads, on Horsey Mere. There he meets two other young men, Jude and Myles, and he soon finds that not only does he have more in common with them than he ever would have imagined, but it is that shared trait puts them all in more danger than they could possibly foresee.

I’m hugely excited about this novel, and I hope you will like it.

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2 Responses to Hurrah Hurrah – Mere Mortals News!

  1. Carrigan Chantz says:

    I know I’ll love it as I have all the others, my dear!! Can’t wait!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Erastes says:

    Thank you! The reason I’m happy about this is that this is the first novel (full sized) that I’ve had released since Transgressions. OK – I know that T was only last March – but i WROTE it several years ago, and i STARTED it in 2003. Mere Mortals was written in 2009, so I hope it reflects my better writing. (as you can see by the bad grammar of that last sentence!)

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