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New Last Gasp Reviews that I missed.

Well Read Blogspot. Quote:To be honest, Erastes was always going to be on a winner with this story for me.  I studied the literature of the 1930s at College and have a great affection for that era.  This meant that I was thoroughly delighted to read about some of the prevailing feelings at the time, especially in relation to the First World War.

Sensual Reads. Quote: prepare yourself to be intrigued, entranced, and compelled 

Discrimination Fangirl: Quote:  James’s feelings for Louis were the most painful for me to read, but I found Guy and Louis’s growing relationship to be comforting and believable. All in all, this was a satisfying, well-written story.

Gerry Burnie: Quote: This story reads like an art-deco illustration—clean lines and decorated with fashionably beautiful people. It is 1930s-British to the core; sort of a ‘grand tour’ of distant lands while hauling along English-middleclass standards like a tortoise’s shell.

Sirius11214 Quote: Tributary was my favorite in this anthology as far as writing is concerned, I could clearly see places, characters, I felt as if I was standing right there when the action was happening.

Thank you all – seems to have got a good reaction so far, most people seem to “get” what the anthology theme was about. I’m crossing my fingers that someone like Dear Author or Band of Thebes (more relevantly!) does a review.

Oblivion: I cleared my bounty (I went to jail, and didn’t even REALISE I could serve my time and get all my stuff back and clear all my bounty) and now I’m all squeaky clean. OK. I have ONE infamy point, but at least I can walk into a town without doing the Benny Hill Chase everywhere. Guards even say “hello” to me. Heh heh. I found my horse, but now I’ve LOST all my stash. I could have sworn I left it in a cupboard in the Dark Brotherhood and now it’s NOT THERE. Gah. There was a lot of great stuff – including some soul gems which i could really do with. I also dropped some goodies at Gathir’s house but I doon’t seem to have his key any more. I really need to buy a house. I think – when I’ve got cured from vampirism, I’ll concentrate on some fighter’s guild quests and start saving some money.

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