Some Good, Some not so.

Well i’m definitely losing weight. It’s slow and the only person who will notice the difference is me but it’s coming off. My trousers are a little loser and i’m finding moving around a little easier. This is what happens after 3 months of regular meals, no junk and less alcohol. hurrah.

Sadly Waterstones in Piccadilly have turned down our request to do a booksigning. That’s disappointing as I know we would have had a good few people interested in attending, and I know the shop floor staff were all for it. Perhaps others can email them and ask that they hold a gay historical signing!? :D

I have signed up for the Lord of the Rings online beta. I’m unlikely to get picked, as I never do get picked for these things-but fingers crossed! And talking of online games – is anyone playing Myst online?  Does anyone understand it?  Sheesh!!!  I remember the original game—difficult and out of the box, but I really don’t get this one. I’ve even got the walkthrough and it’s indecipherable.

And Deus Ex 3 is coming to the PS3!!! This makes me hugely happy.

Although new project is moving along nicely, I’ve been very bad and have been ignoring the Tidy needed for Muffled Drum. Tomorrow and Saturday are my weekend, so I’ll definitely get that done and submitted to the publisher by Monday.

How’s things with you lot? I know I rarely comment on anyone’s LJ these days (mainly because there’s no internet access at Dad’s, the Dongle was a complete waste of money) but I make sure I have my flist open on the laptop before i set off, so I do READ everyone, even if i don’t comment. Happy birthday sionnan (late) and today erotic james!


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