Wet stuff coming from the sky. How odd.

and hay fever, as always, is even worse after rain. It’s just what would happen. *gloom* Sneezing. Check. Itchy eyes. check. Itchy throat. Check. Hives. Check. I love summer. eek! MONSOON! RUN AWAY!

English Weather+Global Warming=Really Rather Odd.

I Knew Him update: Just hit 12k words. But: Foot. Meet Bullet. Just written a ten page scene about a chat beside a graveside and suddenly realised that the dead person is a SUICIDE and therefore wouldn’t be buried where he’s buried. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. *changes whilst muttering savagely*

I am so full of the love for Open Officer Writer I can’t tell you. Not only is it FREE – it’s bloody better than Word as far as I’m concerned.  If you computer crashes or freezes or you just forget to turn it off properly, it recovers. Yes, I know Word does that too, but the difference is that Word will recover automatically—and the recovered document will be called “recovered” and then if you have the bad luck to crash AGAIN, your document will be gone. (this is my experience, of course, yours might be different. However, Open Office has recovered AND SAVED your document, so if you crash again, it recovers it again. Bloody wonderful. It also has tracked changes on it, whereas the other free word processing thingy (Works, is it?) doesn’t and transferring from format to format doesn’t phaze it EITHER. I opened a .doc file in it today and although it wasn’t editable, all i had to do was copy the text, paste it into a new open office document and even the formatting of the file was perfect.

You can also save as any type of word processing file too – and as most publishers prefer either Word docs OR RTFs – it’s great that this is an option, as they haven’t been converted to the odt yet… sadly!

I. LOVE. IT. It’s a huge relief because I don’t have Word on the laptop, can’t afford to buy one, and the trial version has one more use left. So thank God I’ll never NEED to use Word if I haven’t got it. Thank you Open Office. You ROCK.

Adopt one today! 

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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