home home home. *clings to it*

tr5THANK YOU. That’s all I can say right at the moment, because frankly, I am staggered by the sweetness and the care and the love and the messages and the general well wishyness that you’ve all shown since my enforced stay in hospital. One only finds out how much one is loved when something like that happens.
So thank you.
I will be replying to every message tomorrrow, but today, I’m shattered. Anyone who has spent time in hospital will appreciate how little one can sleep and i slept less than normal. Every beep or person walking past (arent they supposed to wear soft shoes at night? Not fucking clogs) woke me up.
anyway – for now – short story is that they don’t know what it is, but it’s improved from yesterday and the doctor anticipates a full recovery in a month or so – although i can take many months. Tehy need to rule out stroke entirely (mri) and check my cholesterol (which is probably through the roof) andMS (which it could be, and I have family history) but there’s a lot of good news too. Will post much more fully tomorow. Right now I’m being smothered with Snucius Love.
I think they missed me. :D

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