OK – Here’s the latest –not too good!

Thanks to all of you who commentd on Chris Smith’s post yesterday announcing I had something wrong with me.
Excuse typising as I’m pretty much doing this with my eyes shut.
Yesterday I suddenly developed double vision and more scarily it didn’t wear off–i assumed it was a severe occular migraine but apparently nt.  Went down to Norwich hospital but the wait was four hours – not a problem if i’ve been alone, but Dad was getting himself into a state and was jumping up every ten minutes to harrass the receptionists, so there was no way we could wait for four hours. So we came home.
Anyway, thanks to my friend Hen doing some research it looks like its PROBABLY diabetes. I’ve susupected for a long time that I may have it but like many things I just stuck my head in a bucket and assumed that it was just managing itself or something. Doctor warned me ages ago (despite the fact that he didn’t send me for diabetes tests) that my eyesight might one day be affected, so only myself to blame – 1. for ignroing him and 2. for getting so fat to trigger diabetes in the first place.
Anyway. I have an appointment with said doctor this afternoon where I will insist that he arranges diabetes tests. If it IS diabetes and not one of the other causes – then the nerves should repair themselves in a matter of months–so it’s not as bad as I’ve been panicking about–hopefully. And hopefully they can give me an eyepatch to help me cope in the interim.
So that’s that. Obvoiusly my major worry is not being able to get over to Dad’s but I’ll worry about that in a day or so when I’ve been diagnosed.
I did watch (or mostly listen to SHERLOCK and it was FAB FAB FAB. Not one thing can I say against it. Utterly fabulous. Charlie Cochrane just rang me (bless her – and thank you dear) and she tells me that Stephen Moffat wrote it, which explains its wonderfulness. That man KNOWS his audience.
Ok – that’s it. won’t be online as much as I’d like, for obvious reasons – or until I get an eyepatch (which i bloody bope they provide, or i’ll have to buy one myself, and so ‘em) but I’ll update my LJ when I have news, and if anyone rings me i’ll encouage them to pass the info on too. This is very scary indeed, but I’m trying to stay positive.

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