Thoughts on the “ebook only” option

I’m thoroughly convinced that ebooks will be around to stay—they will change formats I dare say in the same way that music has. Eventually they’ll go straight into the brain or something!  But I appreciate the convenience for people who can afford the tech.

However, although I’ll always try and make sure that my publishers offer a dual option—paper AND ebook at the very minimum (ideally spoken book too)—I don’t know if, after this year, I’ll go for any more “ebook only.”

It’s just the sales are so hugely disappointing in comparison with print. Now I’m not pointing the finger as to WHY this is, but if the ebook is really the phenomenon it hypes itself to be I’m just surprised that my books have sold so badly in ebook form, when they sell so very very well in print.

Perhaps historical readers prefer print? Or is it only the big boys like Elloras Cave who sell in large numbers? Thoughts?

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