To Get Things Done, You’d Better Not Mess With Major Tom

(which is another way of saying “My mother said”.)

Basically, my mother said that the best way to deal with morons was to laugh at them. This works.  They expect argument and anger and backlash. If you just smile indulgently or better still roar your head off, they can’t cope with that at all.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Comi-con “non-protest” against the Phelpes – which was utterly wonderful, funny and I can’t applaud it enough.  It came from Hijinks, who had heard that Phelps’ troops were going to attend and did an amusing comic to illustrate what Comi-conners should be demonstating about, and encouraged readers to comment with their slogans.

The slogans are hilarious – and well worth reading through. It’s rather sad that I get many many of the references (not all, thank Miranda) and now I need about 20 new teeshirts.


Check out video at the Towleroad post below, and more images from io9.
God Loves Gay Robin [Towleroad]
The SDCC "God Hates F*gs" Counterprotest had the best, nerdiest signs ever [io9}

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