I’ve bought Dad a Perspex window bird feeder (shown in picture, at the top) which is up today, full of food. It will take the birds a while to spot it, but I do hope they use it. They don’t generally take much notice of us here in the conservatory; the bird bath (which you can also see in the picture) is only six feet from the window and they couldn’t care less about us while they drink and bathe, so I hope they like the new feeder as much.


Only 83 words yesterday. Gah. But it was hot hot hot. I know to those of you in Florida or Alabama or wherever, 95 degrees doesn’t sound much…But this is England! We aren’t used to this kind of thing. My idea of a nice summer’s day is 21 degrees with a nice breeze. whine whine whine, I know. :D Much better today, though, so less whining from me. 1200 words today. Yay! Total 21.5k

I’ve started ordering some Goodies for the M/M Meetup in Ely on 12 September. I’m taking ten copies or so or Frost Fair, Speak Its Name, Standish and Transgressions with me, if anyone fancies to buy a signed copy, but I’ll have some goody bags as well, signed bookplates keyrings, hats, postcards, magnets, all that marlarkey to give out. I’m also burning 50 or so CDs with The Macaronis excerpts to give out. I don’t know how many people will actually turn up, but even if it’s only 20 or so, that will be good to meet other authors and more importantly readers (and of course writers are readers too!).  And who knows, although this first M/M meetup is small, it would be good if it snowballed and became bigger each year. Probably even things like Comi-con (or whatever it’s called) started with few mates sharing an interest. If you haven’t heard about it, and would like to come – go to the community and fill in the poll to indicate that you want to come.

I do feel disadvantaged in the UK in the way of conventions etc.  We do have “literary festivals” all over the country, in just about every town you can think of, but they are generally invite only—you can’t just turn up with a trestle table and a banner and start showing off your wares.  Norwich has a GLBT festival—I’m definitely going to see if I can get involved in that next year.

Quick Round Up of stuff watched recently:

Shrek 4. Should’ve stopped at 2, imho. Decent idea, poorly executed.

Toystory 3. FAB-U-LOUS. A franchise that knows how to get better AND better. Pulled my heartstrings, hit my funny bone, crying laughing culture references ambiguous morality – and they are TOYS. What’s not to love? Stunning.

White Collar. Ok. But not exciting me in season two. Same old same old and Bomer’s insane prettiness isn’t holding it together really. I find myself loving Mozzy more.

True Blood: Loving it. Too many reasons to say why. There is no downside to this show, it’s a crazy ride and I adore it. And Eric. Even with clothes on.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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