Who is the God of Rain

And where can I sacrifice something to him? I’m getting very very sick of this weather. Is it Impluvia? Torrentius? I could sacrifice a couple of cats, specially the type that consider me to be a hot water bottle in the night when it’s already 70 degrees. Had to have a cold shower last night at 4am. Have discovered that if I get really cold and then jump into bed under the duvet the duvet can insulate the cool in.

I’m finding that with I Knew Him I’m not having so many research issues as I did with Muffled Drum. Or perhaps I’m more relaxed about looking things up. I simply put CHECK THIS next to what I need to know, and then in the evening, I do a “find” search for CHECK THIS and look up the things I’m not sure about.  So far, if you are interested, they have included the following:

- What, if any, activity the English would have had in South Africa in the 1900—1910 time slot.

- When was the term “silver screen” coined?

- When did Johnny Weismuller make his screen debut as Tarzan?

- When did shingled hair become the “norm” in the 20s?

- What are (were) end of term exams called in Oxford.

- Factory made cigarettes in 1921?

- what local beer would a Somerset pub serve in 1921?

By the way – don’t go looking these up, these are questions I’ve answered, just thought you’d like to see the level of idiocy I have to look up! :D

DO please add your own questions though, if you do this kind of thing!

Seriously though, I do love research, even though only a very small percentage of what I actually learn goes into the books. I remember when I learned about Newgate Prison my hair was literally standing on end, the things I found out about that place. I know I probably prettied up Newgate Prison more than it deserved, especially after reading Cornwell’s Gallow’s Thief, where he really did it justice. I love the incidental things that I find out while researching one fact. For example, when researching the area where I Knew Him is set (Minehead and its environs) I discovered that there’s a world-class Polo club in the area, and in the 1920’s it was definitely in its heyday, with Maharajah’s playing and the like. this then gave me a further plot bunny for a sub-plot for the book.

Dad: driving me mad today. He has £50 in his wallet and has asked me 8 times in an hour whether he should go to the bank and get some more out. ARGH.Nine. Now Ten. I’ll sacrifice him, not the cats.

Adopt one today!

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