I saw the most amazing bird this morning. I think it’s the same one I saw flying past a couple of days ago but in that case it was definitely flying from A to B – this time, if it was the same bird, it was wheeling over a cornfield looking for small crunchy things for breakfast. I dashed to Dad’s and looked for his “Spotting Birds” book we’ve always had since I was a kid but no sign of it, it must be in a box in the attic, so I’ll have to wait until I can get connected to check online. It was a bird of prey and LARGE. If I didn’t know better (because we don’t have buzzards over here to my knowledge) I’d say it was a buzzard. It was brown (d’oh) with black feathers on the wings and a distinctly beige tail. It could be an escapee, I suppose. Anyway, I’ll try and find out – and I’ll certainly look in that area again.

ETA: It was even more exciting than I realised. It was a Marsh Harrier. Wow. Wow wow wow. (not my picture)


“I Knew Him” at 20k today despite the outrageous heat. Everyone else in the country seems to be getting rain apart from the south east. it’s 95 here again today and that’s without any sun. Unbearable.

Sometimes writing is just like pulling hair out by the roots. One at a time. And wondering if it’s madness, crud, idiocy or art.  Perhaps I should just display my bed and make a fortune.

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