Dear Mr Moylan

Just  in case Gawker decide not to approve my comment, I’ll post it here.

Dear Mr Moylan,

Oh dear – where to start?  It’s a bit of a joke that lazy journalists don’t bother to check any of their facts, but what’s not new is that they really, really don’t.  I don’t know how you could have got more facts wrong unless you made it all up. Oh, yes. I see!

1. M/M isn’t new. It didn’t start with Kirk and Spock either.

2. And it’s not "erotic novels" either. If you had bothered to look at any site that dealt with it, there are all levels of romance—just as there are for heterosexual romance.  Are you saying that heterosexual romances, which these days nearly all have sex scenes much more explicit than I remember from when I used to read ‘em, are straight porn. Granted, my first two novels do have sex in them, quite a lot of it, but that’s the PUBLISHER’S insistence. Some publishers want a sex scene in every chapter.

3. Dirty Stories? So gay sex is dirty?  That’s a nice attitude you have there, Mr Moylan. Considering that you consider your own penis to be dirty, I think I understand where you are coming from.

4. "they aren’t doing it for the boys who like boys."  No, we aren’t. Neither are we writing for women. That’s entirely false. The press release for the Running Press line originally said "written by straight women FOR straight women." Considering that none of the four flagship authors (Alex, myself, Lee Rowan, Donald Hardy) are straight women, we squashed that at birth.  I don’t write for anyone but me, the fact that straight, bi, lesbian women and gay and bi men like my work is bunce.

5. The stereotyping of suburban women reading romance is so offensive I’m amazed you are kept on the site. These people probably do exist, but they are exactly the type that DON’T read gay romances. The Romance Writers of America for example are making sure that gay novels don’t get accepted by their organisation. At one point they amended their definition of Romance to read that it had to be between a man and a woman. As you can imagine there was a shit storm about that and they had to recant.

6. As to our "secretly wanting to be gay men" – there’s nothing secret about it. Have you never heard of intersex? Transex? If I could have the surgery, believe me, I would. It’s not that unusual, but no – you choose instead to make fun of something you have no way of comprehending.

7. I don’t know where you live, Mr Moylan, but newsflash. Gay sex isn’t "forbidden" in the UK, and most? of the USA, (as far as I know). I find your farcical pseudo-psychobabble hilarious as you pathetically attempt to understand why – if I was a man – I’d be a Top. I love men, actually—and have no aspirations to stick it to any of them. Never owned nor used a strap on either, no interest in doing that. I’m a top in female relationships too. Not that it’s anyone’s business.

8. *still giggling at the term "vanquisher" * I must go and buy me one of those metal pointy bras.

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