Eyes, heart, Pig (all Hail)

Eyes are definitely improved today. I put this down to my having a huge whine yesterday to myself and slumping around feeling immensely sorry for myself. Obviously my eyes took notice and are pulling themselves together. LOL. Oh by the way, Oculists use eye humour.  “My specialist said – there’s definite improvement and that’s what we have to focus on.” When I called on her on this I had to bite my tongue because a million eye puns shot into my head (yes I am Chandler Bing) about aqueous humour and the like. Which I’m sure they’ve heard a million times.

As for the cholesterol eating plan, that’s going very well. It’s lucky I love pilchards and pulses and fruit and veg. I’m eating more than I normally do, which often happens with healthy eating—and I love the idea that crumpets+Flora+peanut butter is a GOOD thing.  One thing about Flora, though, is that it’s like Dwarf Bread. It’s so disgusting it lasts forever.

I’m staying out of the whole OUT/Lambda/I’m a REAL lesbian debacle, because it’s the professional, and sensible blood pressure-caring thing to do. (although how patronising does one come off saying you’re a true lesbian. Are there different shades?) People know my view on the gay fiction matter—and going and repeating it over and over and over to people who aren’t going to be even a little bit swayed by my opinion is entirely pointless. Tracey’s comment summed it all up for me, I think, on Teddypig’s (all hail the Pig) post:

I find it most peculiar that an organization filled with writers who have been marginalized because of their sexuality is intent on marginalizing other writers based on their sexuality.

Fuck you, I like this.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

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