Gray and Words. And oh god I’m bored.

I watched “Dorian Gray” last night. And actually I really enjoyed it. I didn’t mind the changes—I could see the reasons they did it – I suppose they had to have a much more exciting ending than the book, but I’d have preferred that Dorian’s death was his own choice, as the book, and not bloody Firth’s. But it all worked pretty well with what I do remember. Not too sex obsessed and enough male interaction to make it clear that’s what the author meant Grey got up to (well der). Barnes is beautifully pretty, but he still isn’t my mind’s eye of Dorian. Who is quite like Barnes but … more so.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes people can make you doubt yourself? I remember when I was doing the copy edits for Transgressions, and it was quite a long time between me having written the book and doing the edits (about 4 years) that whenever the editor asked me “is this fact correct?” I found myself rechecking everything, and doing the research all over again (and believe me, some of the research made me scream in frustration the first time.)

I didn’t really want to know the 40 positions used when firing a matchlock musket the FIRST time!

When I had the Brownworth Blather recently, she accused M/M of using “incorrect” words (because heaven forfend we ever play with the language) and one of the words she quoted was “fisting” – used in the context of “fisting one’s cock” and she made Great Mock of this. I’d actually put it to the back of my head, along with the rest of it, but today I was re-reading some gay porn: one of John Patrick’s anthologies (JP is pretty much one of the godfathers of gay porn) and over and over again, I read “fisted my cock” and “he was fisting my cock” and so on. Well, that explains where I got it from, anyway! 

I guess my point is, if I ever have one, is that you shouldn’t necessarily be swayed by one person’s opinion, and to change your writing vocabulary, just because someone Makes Mock.


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  1. Research, research. I’m so glad you were helping me with mine, and keepin’ me English Honest.

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