If anyone knows M J Pearson…

… could they pass on a message to her that her email box is full? I’m trying to ask her if she’d like to do an interview on Speak Its Name, but I can’t get a message to her. I reviewed her latest book “Helpless” yesterday, and I really really liked it. I’ve left a message with her agent, but I don’t know if she’s still her agent. Do give Helpless a try, and don’t be put off by the cover!

I’m reading “Counterpoint” now by Ruth Sims. I read this a couple of years ago when she had first finished it, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in its final incarnation. Due to the eye problems, my reading has slowed up hugely, and Speak Its name is suffering for it.

Eye news: Went to the clinic yesterday, and they are very pleased with my progress. There’s marked improvement and the muscles are working harder than they were before. This explains how I can focus on things now – although it takes an act of will, rather than being automatic. Still no insight as to WHAT is causing it, and they haven’t yet arranged an MRI. Rolls eyes as best as I can…the S in NHS certainly doesn’t mean Speedy. I have a heart scan on 24th and then after that I need to book a glucose tolerance test. How exciting.

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