The Interview Is Out!

ETA: I’ve heard back from the magazine and they are going to change it in the Online version and correct it in the next print edition. That’s good.

As you probably remember, Alex Beecroft and myself were interviewed by OUT magazine a few weeks ago. Luckily before my eyes went wonky, and were bemused and excited by the experience in turns.

Well, the interview is now out, in OUT’s September issue, which is good. Me and Dan Radcliffe on a gay cover. It’s pretty funny.

However, what’s NOT so good is the headline: “The Straight Women behind Gay Erotica.”

Despite fact that we shared our sexual preferences with the reporter (galling enough, really) we have both been labelled as straight. I find that quite disturbing, and that’s the only way of putting it. Anyone who’s had to come out to family, friends, workmates etc will appreciate how difficult it can be, usually is, and to be simply “inned” by a gay magazine is pretty annoying.

I wrote to the magazine this morning, expressing my concern. Too late to change anything, of course, but I wanted to state how I feel, although I hardly know myself.

I feel that some people will think I deliberately misrepresented myself, in the same way I was accused of that when I had a male persona—simply because my publisher of the time said that was a good idea, being a female writer of gay erotica. I haven’t read the actual interview itself, as I haven’t received my copy of it yet, and it may be that inside it mentions that I’m bisexual, but the headline doesn’t imply that on the outside. Ho hum.

And again, the interview appears to be taking the same old line (despite the fact that we mentioned to the reporter that this happens  over and over and over) of “What are those crazee straights doing now” or “straight women taking over gay lit” – neither of which are true. (Well, perhaps about the crazy…)

Anyway – just wanted to state my opinion, before anyone goes and reads it.

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