various updates

1. Sherlock episode 3

Loved it. Was almost back to the form of episode one. Trouble is episode one was so staggeringly good it’s going to be impossible to top.  I need to watch all three episodes again now to get them to mesh together, as with the eyes, I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should be.

There’s not one bad thing I can say about, to be honest. I admit that I don’t get the level of dislike some people have—citing racism and gender issues. Perhaps I haven’t noticed them because I’m English?  Or perhaps it’s because it’s an A.U. Fantasy, and I don’t expect realism from something with dragon ladies and Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century. I am not the type of person who tuts tuts over potatoes in Lord of the Rings for example. (Believe me, I had a huge row with someone about this once.)

2. Blood Tests: The doctor rang with results today (they came back yesterday, which is pretty speedy! 24 hrs!) and I must be hugely annoying to him as I’m not in imminent danger of death despite my weight. He must be well miffed. My cholesterol is 6,5 mmol/L = slightly elevated, my blood sugar is slightly higher than it was in hospital (now 7.6) so he wants to take a glucose tolerance test now – which means taking a blood test, eating a couple of Mars Bars (this will not be a problem) and then having another test in 2 hours. This will help to indicate whether I’m diabetic, but if I am, he says I’m at the onset of it at the moment, and it’s something treatable, which is Good.

Does anyone have a link(s) for a good cholesterol diet or tips? I don’t actually cook much. I grill, or nuke in general. So recipes aren’t going to be much good. Swapping Olive Oil for butter is easy, I can do that, and I can eat more fruit and porridge, but any other places anyone knows? Everything I’ve found costs money on line if i want more than just tips.

3. Received a huge bag of Sainsbury’s teabags from Charlie Cochrane – THANK YOU DEAR. and a box of nesting ninjas from Chris Smith. By the way, she’s getting married TOMORROW so pop over to her LJ or blog and wish her condolences good luck. You’ve got to love someone who sends you something like this – just to cheer you up!


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