well, at least eye rolling is good exercise for my eyes!

The echoes from the OUT article rumble on. Lambda online weighs in with an interesting point of view, that of saying that perhaps we need to redefine GLBT fiction. Well, der. Dog bites Man.

Plus hasn’t Lambda just done exactly that?

What stunned me about that article (as I’ve commented about there) was the suggestion that we (females) seem to be heteronormalifying our gay men because we are pairing them up and putting them in committed relationships.


*blinks* Well, bust my breeches, were we REALLY the first writers to do that?  I don’t think so!

Teddypig weighs in better. I’ve decided needs to have a shrine in my house, so I’m surfing to find a hairy pig for the centre of my Lares Shrine. Hell, Lafayette’s got one, why shouldn’t I?  (I don’t think TP is on Lafayette’s shrine.)


Ta da! A pig that is also a bear!  Note to self: surfing “hairy pig” wasn’t the best search you ever did. Some of those images have scarred my already tender eyeballs.

Gehayi takes OUT and Gawker to task. Spot the Tropes!

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” was a rallying cry once upon a time.  Teddypig has suggested a new one for us writers of gay fiction.


The Pig is dead right, though. We tried and tried to turn the interview towards our work, other writers’ work (we mentioned a huge list of names, but only Josh Lanyon got a mention) We suggested that they talk to Josh, or Donald Hardy, or other male authors. But it was all about The Porn, and Ms Wilson’s seeming bafflement about why we weren’t putting females into our gay books.

FUCK YOU, I LIKE THIS. I shall be iconing this later!

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