Autumn is most definitely here

We haven’t had a glimmer of sun for three days now, the sky is that colour you only seem to get in England, unremitting grey, and it’s chilly and damp. Apples are bursting out all over, ditto blackberries. I must stop off on the drive in tomorrow and pick up some wayside fruit. The worst thing about this kind of weather is waking up, when it feels like six am, but then it turns out to be eight. Yuk. Is this year i finally buy myself a light box? Possibly.

I Knew Him is moving, but it’s more a case of stop motion animation than a smooth 1000 words a day. However, if I CAN manage 1500 words today, which I might be able to, I’ll hit the 30k mark, which sounds a lot better than 28,500. I still have no idea how long it will be, but I’m hoping around 70k. ETA: DONE! Hurrah!

I wish I could blog properly about writing. I’m so in awe of these writers who blog two or three times a week about writing subjects but I feel that I simply don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I’ve mentioned before that—and I’m not the only one on my UK flist who has the same problem—that I went to a Grammar School. This sounds impressive (and literally it only means that I passed a certain level of excellence to get into a “better school” at the age of 11) until you learn the irony that I wasn’t taught any Grammar after the age of 12. Consequently, I am completely incapable of blogging about sentence structure, grammatical tips, the types of verbs, tenses etc etc.  I feel at times like a caveman who looks at the pile of rocks he’s put up and grunts “Ug think it good.” And then being entirely incapable of explaining to Ig when he lumbers along how I built my pile of rocks.

I have found the key to the conservatory that Dad hid away. He’d taken the keyring off (the one that said “DO NOT REMOVE”) and had squirreled the key away loose at the back of a drawer. I still haven’t found the two spare keys of MINE that I had left here for “safety” in case I ever lost my bunch of keys—and I haven’t found the two backdoor keys that went missing a month ago, or his new wallet…Somewhere in this house there is a hidey hole that I don’t know about and he doesn’t remember—and believe me, I’ve looked everywhere (although obviously not everywhere or I would have found stuff)  I have copies of all keys now, and keep them in a safe place that only I know about. NOT in Dad’s house though! He has a talent for finding things that don’t need to be found and losing things that don’t need to be lost. Then forgetting about all of it! Argh!

Castle is back. Why didn’t someone TELL ME?

Adopt one today!

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