M/M Meetup Report

Sorry that I didn’t manage to do any blogging AT the event. I went by train, so taking books, freebies (that no-one took!) and quizzes and posters and god knows what was enough and I couldn’t manage the laptop as well.  Just as well really because Aunty Marion brought hers and she couldn’t get connected.

ANYWAY!! It was a START – and a good start I think. We had the following people there. Tiggothy, Clare London, Betty Black, Stevie Carroll, Anne Brooke, Aunty Marion, Chris Smith, Erastes, JL Merrow, Jo Myles, Lesley W, Alex Beecroft

I’ve missed someone out, I KNOW I have. It was very informal, but all the better for that, to start with, I think. We set up the food (lashings of it, and hardly got touched) and the book table and then we set the tables in a square, introduced ourselves and what we were doing, and it was fascinating to see the range of people and the skills just in that small group of writers and readers. We discussed our publishers, and talked about tax and the ITIN – and some of the newer authors threw out some questions which others could answer.  Four hours was just right, I think, then most of them went off for pizza and I had to come home, as there weren’t any other trains. Boo. So – PLEASE NOTE – we are planning to do this regularly. We are planning to do another one in JULY 2011 so make a note on your diaries. Probably READING, because that’s hopefully more central for many (yes, yes, I know, not central for all) and in a place where there’s accomodation for people who have to come further.  Open to all people who have an interest in gay fiction, be it writing, editing, reading, reviewing – whatever. You don’t have to be a writer, at ALL. More details as we have it – Stevie Carroll & Chris Smith are taking the reins on this, which I’m glad about, I’m not the kind of person who is good at conference organisation I have discovered. It was fun, and ladies it was marvellous to see you all. Thank you so much for coming, and I look forward to the next one. We need tee-shirts. :D

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