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Decided to try a “time sensitive trick with the laptop/writing today – I haven’t brought the mains lead with me, which means I have to get busy and write my words in two hours. The only snag I’ve found is that without the mains lead—I’d forgotten that the screen isn’t as bright as it is with it, and in the conservatory the screen is quite difficult to see. I’ve blown the manuscript up to 150 percent, that helps. and the sun’s gone in, that’s better – but when the 2 hours is up – it’s up! so I’d better get on with it. eta: words done!

Although I’ve lost about six weeks of writing I know I can still get this novel done by the end of the year if I stick at it – if I do 4k a week, I can still get it done, if it turns out at about 80,000. If I DON’T manage it, I’ll feel a sodding failure, and I can’t really blame six weeks or so (ongoing) of eye problems – I’ve just used the eye problems as an excuse to take a break because if I can chat and blog, I can write.

I have a couple of questions I’d be interested in knowing your opinion on – there’s no right or wrong answers, so as long as no-one’s flaming anyone else, you know you can say what you like on here.

1. Do you think that writers should stay out of the reviewing side of things?

2. If you like historicals, how pure do you like them? If someone has invented a king of a country and that king didn’t actually exist, is it still a historical? 

Sparrows are the cutest, and I wish someone would do a documentary on them, instead of all these panthers and gorillas and things. I think they are a lot more interesting than people give them credit for.

Kindle (for PC) SUCKS big donkey balls as a medium for doing reviews. I can’t copy even a portion of the text to include within the review so I have to copy it word for word. I do not like thee Dr Kindle, I do not like thee at all well.

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