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1. Another sane response to the whole Brownworth Bilge from Sarah Frantz on Teach Me Tonight. Hurrah for sanity.

2 .  It’s not like me to ever buy something just because it’s been on the tv in an advert, but I DID buy a box of Optivita cereal because it “actively lowers cholesterol.”  However, now I’ve done a lot more research it seems that porridge/bran flakes/all-bran/shredded wheat all do as well. AND THEY DON’T COST TWO FIFTY A BLOODY BOX.  And they aren’t stuffed with sugar either. Bloody rip off.

3. Watched “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” last night, and I loved it. A very interesting story of empowerment and all kinds of level of wrong. I wish I’d read the book first now – I’ll have to read it now, and then the sequel. If you can’t watch violence, especially sexual violence to women, then avoid, although she SOOOO gets her revenge in a wonderful way. I love a film that sticks in the mind for hours and hours afterwards.I also watched “Fame” which was so dire I am brain bleaching. Sooo far from the original vision it’s not funny.

4. Am playing Thief: Dark Shadows. It’s immense fun but unless you play it IN THE DARK its very difficult to work out what’s going on.

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