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I was thinking about angst in books today, because I commented on Ruth Sims’ Counterpoint on my review on Speak Its Name saying that I wished it had some lighter scenes, rather than angst layered on angst. (Rather cheeky of me, really, considering how my books tend to start dark and get darker by the page). And then I was thinking, “Oh God, I’m the Drama Queen of Unremitting Angst” until THE WOODLANDERS came on the TV, (which makes Transgressions look like a week at Butlins) and then I felt better. Thomas Hardy’s webpage – if he were around writing today would have a tagline: “Life’s a Bitch, until you marry one, then DIE HORRIBLY” or something along those lines. Thomas Hardy: A Laugh a Minute. Not.

That got me thinking. If you fancy winning a copy of LAST GASP, (haven’t had a competition for a while) invent a tagline for an author (living or dead) who hasn’t already got one, of course. Purely subjectively judged by me, whichever one makes me laugh, and at least I can send it out, as it will be an ebook. Post your answer in the comments, either on my my Livejournal or on my website.

Pretty new hatchlings.

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