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Lili is trying, bless her heart. She’s obviously hungry and this morning she was back to normal, jumping up and down on my bed and making a noisy nuisance of herself. Then she had three mouthfuls of food, went and sat down quietly – you could see that she was in discomfort – and then threw it all up again. Half an hour later she ate something else, which so far she hasn’t lost. I’ll just keep giving her little food and see if it improves.

Dad’s next door neighbour has been taken into hospital – probably terminally, as he’s very old and frail, and I think no-one has dealt with his cat. There’s a black cat lurking about the gardens, and I think it can only be his. I’m going to put some food out and see if I can tempt it inside.

The nurse yesterday said “your blood pressure is high” – well considering everything that’s going on, eye, heart, dad, Lili – being told I have to take dangerous drugs, the fact that pathology is about a light year from the car park, it’s not bloody surprising!!

Yesterday I read the most amazing thing that I think I may never recover from.  It was THE most purple thing I’ve ever read, and I know from purple, and the entire thing was a pseudo-literary purple stream of consciousness. Ghastly. I have bookmarked it and shall go there for therapy when my fingers want to add another adverb. And No, I’m not linking to it. But day-um. It was self published too, and I’m really not surprised.

Word Count 36k on the dot. 1400 words today.

I received another Perseus statement today. Transgressions sales figures suck hugely. I swear, if this is mainstream publishing you can stick it. I would have sold more copies if I’d published the damn thing with Cheyenne or any of the great small PODs we have in the genre. The returns on non POD printing are depressing.

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