Hail! NOT well met.

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The little bit of an Indian summer we had is well and truly over. Lashings of not ginger beer but sleet and hail this morning and it’s COLD. It’s hailing so hard right now that I can hardly hear myself think. Brr. I have given up trying to get Dad to understand about thermostats etc, he used to know all this stuff, he’s a heating engineer/pipe fitter after all, but he has lost all that knowledge. I’m here five days a week, so hopefully I can keep the damp at bay this winter as he turns all the radiators off!!

Saw a new release yesterday: Kyle Masterson enters the wizarding university at Harvard. It’s invisible to non wizarding types. Hmm. I don’t object to converted fanfic, but I’d like a few more serial numbers scraped off than that, kthxbai.

Hospital yesterday, blood tests to test the blood thinness, and eye tests. My new dosage is double – 6mg – and my INR is 1.5, target 2.5, apparently. My eyes are “improved” even though I can’t really tell. The oculist attempted to move the occlusion film to my gooder eye for some reason, saying that if I couldn’t get on with it, I could move it back next week when I go for my next appointment, but after I staggered ten feet down the corridor lurching from side to side like a drunken sailor I moved it over myself. So things move in the right direction at least. I have an appointment with the eye specialist next week and I’ll see if HE can refer me to a nutritionist. What with juggling a low cholesterol diet, diet for losing weight to get my blood pressure down and help my heart, and the stuff one shouldn’t eat on warfarin, I think I bloody well qualify for one. we’ll see. I can’t drink cranberry juice. I know I rarely did, but now I WANT to. Harumph.

I Knew Him” is chugging away. I hit 40k today. I missed writing anything on Monday, as I had two other projects to edit and finish off. It’s great to breach 40k, as it feels like a “proper novel” then, and doesn’t run the risk of being a novella. Considering that bugger all has happened (in my eyes, at least) so far, it could easily go on for more than 80k, but I have no clue. I’m letting the narrator Harry tell me what’s happening, as it happens.

What I did discover is that I’ve written far too many first person books recently. I would have given you good money and lost a bet that Mere Mortals was written in 3rd person (which is why – added to the fact that Muffled Drum is in 3rd – I felt happy doing IKH in first) but I just edited a section of it and found it’s in first too.

I do LIKE writing in first, but i don’t think it’s a habit i should get into—Hard & Fast, Junction X, Mere Mortals, Chiaroscuro, I Knew Him… Some readers won’t even BUY a book in first, which I find entirely bizarre, but by writing first a lot, I’m limiting my audience still further.

I really enjoy first, because you can really get into the narrator’s head, and you can play with his perceptions. He’s got to observe, but he can’t be god-like, he can’t really know what other people are thinking, and it’s tremendous fun to have him get it wrong, because we do. Thankfully, The Further Adventures of Fleury definitely won’t be in first, because GAH – trying to write in his brogue for an entire book? No-one would want to read that. I still haven’t really decided what I’m doing next, but I do know it won’t be in first person.

Do you have a preference, to write? to read?

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