i could cry, really

TWICE I’ve read through and commented on a friend’s WIP – The twice is because I did it once up to page 100, then when I re-opened it, 96 pages had disappeared and I was left with six pages only. I swore, re-opened the original document and did it again.

this morning, I opened the document again, ready to finish it off, and ALL my amendments show as double words e.g. where I’ve corrected alright to all right – the text now shows this alrightright. And what’s worse – ALL my “sticky notes” have gone – about 50 of them.

I could cry. Really. I don’t think i have the heart to do it all again.

Does anyone know why this is? I’m using an RTF document in Open Office – I have “record” and “show changes” ticked. I don’t HAVE Word on the laptop, I can’t afford it, so unless I sit down at the desktop and do it all again, I don’t know what to do.

I managed 1060 words on my own novel at least, and deleted a good few that i’d written before, so probably 1500 words in total, but I don’t count it like that or you’d never get anywhere. The one snag about learning about one’s character (please notice i don’t call him a protagonist, although i’m sure he thinks he is) at the same pace as the reader is that as you get to know him (just as in real life) you discover things about him half way through the book that you didn’t know at the beginning. This is fine, but as it’s first person, I’ve had to do a little retrofitting to give a sense of what I do find out. If i don’t do that, people will be going WTF? As I did…If I do it, it’s ok. If the reader does it, not so much.

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