I don’t think he knows about fourth breakfasts, Pippin…

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Lili certainly seems recovered – although from now on she’s going to get smaller meals more often. This approach seems to be working, as she’s not been sick for a few days. She eats, goes and digests and then asks for me. Of course the boys don’t get this at ALL and they want feeding at the same time, but that’s not going to happen! I’m also feeding her Whiskas Supermeat rather than pouches and chunks, as it’s a smoother paste and probably easier to digest than processed shaped chunks. She’s having her fourth breakfast right now. Nom nom. She’s obviously part Hobbit.Anyway, thank you for bearing with me, and your messages of support, hopefully it’s all up from here.

Finally got around to watch Disney’s Tarzan which I found absolutely charming. I think it won me over by Minnie Driver’s performance which is really amazing. However – having read (and will be reviewing shortly) Jungle Heat by Bonnie Dee which is an ape man story – I wonder HOW Tarzan managed to be clean shaven. Bonnie Dee’s Tarzan was at least correct in that respect. Yes yes I know, so much else to yell “anachronism!!” about, but that really was a bit glaring. That and the loin cloth. I blame Johnny Weismuller. Now I’ll have to watch Greystoke again and see if he was beardless and loinclothed. *checks* yes. He’s modest and beardless. Oh well. I’ll have to wait until they film Jungle heat then.

Writing going well; I think I know what I’m doing, and I think that perhaps I need to write the ending pretty soon – I’ve never got so far into a book without having written the end, and I think I need that focus, that “winner’s tape in sight” to keep me grounded and convince me that I CAN DO THIS. It’s 38,000 words so far, which is around half way—I think, so that’s something, and I think I’m over the hump, too. What about you? Do you get “Humps” in your book? That stage where you think every word you write is walking cow stomach? (pedestrian tripe, in other words?) do tell.

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