quick update before i potter off to dad’s

Lili is 100 percent back to normal, thank goodness. She definitely has more problems digesting chunks than paste so she gets special food, and I’m sticking to the several meals a day thing too, although it can only be as regular as I can make them, and he boys don’t understand why they get left out. It’s good to have her noisy and bossy again.

I’m definitely the laziest writer I know. I write “in format” and I never see anyone else do this—although I’m sure people do, it’s just that all the people I’m privileged to shared manuscripts seem to write “normally” e.g. spaces between paragraphs etc and i write from the first in the format that I’ll be sending it to the publisher in. I suppose it’s because I know I’m going to be going through the damn thing so many times from starting it to publication, that I want to save myself at least one sweep while I take out all the paragraph breaks, putting it into double spacing, changing the italic formatting, etc.

I was a bit down in the dumps yesterday, so I wrote nothing, despite it being “A day off” so I have to knucke down for the next 3 days. If I can do 1200 a day that will be super. It doesn’t sound much, does it!

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