Review for Transgressions

A very fair review for Transgressions over at the History Blog “That’s All She Read”

Here’s a part of it: Erastes is a skilled novelist, telling a story quite enjoyably. It was nice, this being the third of her books I have read, to see a relationship not of men separated by class, age and wealth. Her sexually explicit scenes are both hot and appropriate in revealing aspects of individual characters. The history alone makes this novel great to read, but the personal love story will keep a reader glued to the pages as well.

What a lovely thing to say. *blushes* Here’s the full review THAT’S ALL SHE READ

In other news, I’m having a lazy day at home – chicken stew bubbling on the stove, and I’m having a Stargate Universe marathon to catch up—I stopped watching series one half way through. Later – when Lucius gets OFF MY GAMING CHAIR – I’m going to get started on the advance play beta of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. To say I’m terrified of attempting the online cat and mouse game is an understatement. I see many deaths in my immediate future. Probably all mine.

And no, of course I can’t chuck him off, what do you take me for?

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