effectively mute

i WISH I could blog more about the WIP. I am quite sure that the readers who have come to my blog didn’t do so to hear about how many birds I have on the bird table, or what I made Dad for lunch.

But I was thinking about this yesterday, that in this case in particular, the one I’m writing right now (I Knew Him) I can’t really blog about it at all. I can’t talk about the characters because that will spoil, I can’t blog about the main character in particular, I can’t blog about the plot…And it’s ANNOYING because, frankly, I’d like to talk about it. AND I CAN’T SAY WHY.

“Day off” today, and I need to do 1700 words yet to make my 5k target for the week, as I had a bad day one day in the week, and this is a day when I should be at Dad’s but had to change at the last minute. I must try and get the file open at least, then, and not constantly refreshing my browser like a saddo.

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